Cleaner Than Ever!

When I was younger, the absolute worst chore was cleaning the bathroom. Scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the shower tiles and clearing off the countertop of all the clutter. Now that I’m an adult with my own place, this has become something of an obsession. I LOVE TO CLEAN!

Keeping my 1950’s tile bathroom clean has been a challenge, to say the least. I’ve had to replace a couple tiles that were beyond repair. This led to the tub needing to be re-caulked. My brand of choice is Gorilla Glue. It comes in full size or small touch-up tubes, which is all I needed for this job. I went with the Gorilla White Silicone Waterproof Caulk, and it held amazing, and was a great deal. 

Photo by Skylar Kang on

On the topic of tiles, the only product that has been able to keep my tile shower clean is The Miracle Cleaning Pink Stuff. I don’t know what is in this paste, but it gets EVERYTHING off just about any surface. I combined the Pink Stuff with my power drill with Scrub Brush Attachment head, and my shower looks better than the day it was installed.

If you enjoy cleaning a little too much, like me, the day these products arrive in the mail will feel like getting a new toy on Christmas. 


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