Don’t Sweat it!

If you are anything like me, you’re hot . I mean really HOT!

Okay, so what I really mean is, I sweat, like a LOT! I’ve tried every brand of deodorant. Every strength there is, men’s and women. Nothing seemed to work and stay working for more than a couple hours. That is until I found this miracle in a tube.

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof is the absolute best deodorant there is, especially if you live in the hot, humid south like I do. They are not kidding either when they call it waterproof. This stuff does not come off, ever. I accidently got it on my hands once and it took some major soap and scrubbing to get it off, which can be problematic when it comes to getting it on clothing. I would recommend being cautious when wearing dark colors. I’ve gotten it on my fair share of black shirts. But this is a price I am willing to pay if it means I smell fresh for over 24 hours without having to reapply.

I highly recommend you add this to your shopping list next time you restock your toiletries.


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