Gifts That Give Back

Benevolence LA is a brand that I recently discovered and have fallen in love with. Their mission is to give back to a charitable cause that is tied to the products in mind. They’ve empowered the customer to make a different by aiding in that process. It is as easy as purchasing trendy new earrings or a fashionable and functional blanket. Thats it! A portion of the proceeds go straight to the charity. The products they sell are irresistible so it’s hard not to buy something. “You give by buying. You give by wearing” is probably the best slogan I’ve ever seen. It takes the buyer’s remorse out of treating yourself. They also have good gift options for any occasion which is a bonus to whomever is the recipient. Not only did they receive a beautiful gift, but they also helped give back. There really is no downside to purchasing from this company.

This blanket is perfect for a picnic or beach day
I’m currently obsessed with the snake earrings. They are small enough to sleep in but definitely still make a statement.

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